The Smith's family
John by the lake
Rose and Chalk
Poldo on the chair
Simon and Frank
The word illusio come from Latin, in English means illusion, but originally meant "a mocking, irony," from past participle of illudere "mock at," literally "to play with."
In this project I am playing with the past and memories.
My interpretation of a memory, it is something that is not more there but still exists in a different way, as the perception of our memories keeps changing according to the present moment.
A past event is create by the present.
The past appears in a dream like state, it is something that is decaying and it is still transforming in our mind.
Within this project, my aim is to create a new reality that clearly doesn't exist, and that could leave only in the mind of the viewer. This reality is based on past episode and merged with present. So the memories are visually represented by images of people and place that don't belong to anyone.
I worked with found old negatives and I combined them with my own images that come from my memories and childhood. 
To emphasize the link between past and present,  I  used digital manipulation and classic darkroom printing.

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